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tv   Inside With Jen Psaki  MSNBC  February 26, 2024 5:00pm-6:00pm PST

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democrats to vote against biden and vote for not a specific candidate, but to say that they are uncommitted tomorrow. on the other side you have the michigan republican party that is in complete and utter disarray with the primary on tuesday, but that -- oh, got. [laughter] and then two caucuses on saturday. [inaudible] that's just going to be a mess, right? that's really confusing and a mess. yeah, yeah. it's a confusing thing and a mess. let's talk about the fact that there is a primary tomorrow but most of the delegates, the mess futurity of delegates on the republican side will be at the conventions, julian conventions that will take place on saturday. thank, you shaquille brewster, good luck up there. that's tonight's read out. joy rate returns tonight inside with jen psaki starts right now. tonight inside with jen psaki starts right now.
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♪ ♪ ♪ so there is a lot of presidential politics happening right now, where the primary over the weekend in south carolina, and a primary tomorrow in michigan. lucky for us, someone who knows a ton about politics and never seems to hold back, james carville, is standing by to talk with us about all of it. there's also quite a bit of legal news we are following. today, the manhattan district attorney alvin bragg as the judge in that criminal case to impose a gag order on trump. former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york who's been on our show many times before, felipe perez, we'll discuss with us and what comes next with there. but i want to start tonight with a little bit of what i will call a reality check. about the very likely general election matchup between joe biden and donald trump. both candidates face challenges right now. but they are no way the same. on the one hand, president
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biden is dealing with poll numbers that don't seem to budge on the economy, which i'm sure is driving them crazy. some cocktail speculation about whether it's too late to select the young girl [inaudible] at the convention, look up lawrence o'donnell's read from the other night, he has the thoughts on that, and of course two wars. one of the wars is going to be front and center tomorrow in michigan. where he is staring down a push for a protest vote in the states primary. that by critics of his handling of the war between israel and hamas. there is a movement of progressive democrats across the state who are planning to cast their ballot for uncommitted. to basically send a message. now, right now where we're sitting, it's impossible to know at this point how big this uncommitted vote will actually be. it could turn into a thing, it could also not turn into a thing. but, i am not going to sugarcoat it for you, as a symptom of what may be a larger challenge for the president in the general election, over a war that is very difficult for him to endorse all of on his own. and on that point, i should note that the president did say
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late today that he's hoping to have a cease-fire agreement by next monday. so yes, he's dealing with big challenges that come with the job, lots of them. and that could have an impact in this primary tomorrow. and beyond. but, we let's contrast that with what we're seeing in trump world right now, shelley? i mean, donald trump is still in the midst of an active primary fight against nikki haley. over the weekend, she got around 40% of the vote in the south carolina republican primary, it's not nothing. she's -- it's yet another data point that shows that there is a real anti trump contingent here. a contingent that just might come back and bite him in the general election. and even though the 40% is not enough actually to win, of course, for now at least haley is sticking around. like a pretty well funded pitbull for an in trump side. she's up on the airwaves on super stu stay state. she still hitting him on the campaign trail with attack clients that will probably find themselves, i bet you, into
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more than one biden campaign at this fall. and she's very much on donald trump's mind and very much under his skin. otherwise he would be punching down so much during some speeches, and in a lot of his unhinged truth social post. let's not forget, trump is not only facing nikki haley on the campaign trail, he's also facing the likes of jack smith, and letitia james, and alvin bragg, in court. just today alone, seriously, i'm just talking about the last few hours, trump filed a last- ditch appeal of a nearly half a billion dollar judgment in the new york civil fraud case against him, that had district attorney alvin bragg asked the judge for a gag order on trump in his criminal hush money case, and special counsel jack smith blasted trump in a filing on the classified documents case. we will talk about all of that as well. but that is some seriously wavy legal baggage, and it is only going to get worse. also, trump's got some money problems as well.
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serious ones. sarver -- massive civil fraud finds he's facing, cnbc reported actually today that there's been a 63% drop in small donner trump donations over the past four years. that's quite a drop. biden has a big edge over trump on cash on hand, and -- in comparison with trump's 30 million cash on hand. oh, and trump is now trying to overhaul the rnc and install his daughter in law is the co- chair to help pay for his the goal bills. again, i can't make it up. so for all the hand rigging about president biden and his challenges, and everyone should be clear eyed about those two, there's absolutely no question that donald trump is carrying a lot more and a lot heavier baggage. and democrats can't lose sight of calling that out. starting us off tonight is democratic strategist james carville, back again, great to see you here. okay, let me just start where i ended there. because, you, know both candidates, no candidate is perfect, as you and i both know, we've both been in
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politics for a while. but i would argue that there's a lot more baggage that trump is carrying around then biden. how do democrats make that clear? first of all, you're correct. secondly, the macro story kurt quality democrats don't lose elections anymore. -- we have an advantage right now, and we need to pummel him right now. i used to have a saying on the campaign, the more you pamela, the more they planted. we have to jump on this abortion air issue, we have to jump on this pardon issue. run [inaudible] school board meetings that are trying to ban rosa parks. ron on all the things that run inches of policies, the majority of house republicans want to codify insane ruling out of the alabama supreme court, almost 90% of them voted against protecting a woman's right to contraception. can you believe, it re-talking about contraception in 2024? where you have -- it's insane.
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where you have the house republicans voting that way. you have a financial advantage, political advantage, just jump in and start taking them and hitting them, and anything you can do because push disadvantage as hard as you can get it. that's what i think i would do. really, really aggressive. no question. and this abortion issue is such an important one. the ivf -- as you and i both, know we follow this very closely, trump's forte reinvent him self. his campaign literally pitch stories over the course of the last week that they will try to make this a more policy focus discussion. i don't buy that, and we haven't seen that. but he's also trying to invent some self -- reinvent himself as an ivf warrior. out there. as someone who's a defender of it, even though he named three of the justices. so you're saying pummel them. what do people -- of people need to take this seriously. what do people need to be saying out there about trump's role and his position on abortion? he is the father of the
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dobbs decision. okay? plain and simple. almost three of his supreme court nominees voted to take away a 50-year-old right. everything that is coming from that, is a result of exaction's. he doesn't know whether to wind his behind or strike has wattage, and [inaudible] 15 weeks, i have to take credit for this. just keep hitting them. just keep hitting them. hit them on the contraception vote. hit them on the alabama decision, and the vote to try to codify that. again, i'll come back, jen, this brick burning thing, people to test that. don't let up. you have a financial advantage, we have a political advantage. don't allow him to catch up with you. you take advantage when you have it. and we have it right now. we are pretty good position, as a political party. a lot of people don't tend to say, that but we actually. are the ruling in alabama mansion dobbs 15 times. if someone needed a fact to
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throw it to your neighbor, 15 times. let me ask you about the legal cases, because this is another area where, you, know it's easy to get mired in the legal intricacies, it's all very important. we talk a lot on the show and across msnbc. but talk to me about the political case on the legal cases. what should people care about who are out there thinking, this is just a lot of legal mumbo jumbo? right, first of, all as i said, we're too obsessed with the legal case. we have plenty enough to go to the polls right now. he's been updated catered by a jury to be a rapist. how much more do you need? much more than that? he's ordered to pay half a billion dollars in fines for business fraud. and whether these cases come to fruition or what the desperate court does, or the appeal, that kind of stuff, maybe a will happen, maybe it won't. but too many democrats that are, oh, james, we have to do
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this legal thing. we will win right now. that's just land yap. that's a louisiana word. for something [inaudible] we have to press the advantage that we are in and press it hard. and one more point that you made, i completely agree with. this [inaudible] this is not just a problem with some snot nose ivy league people. this is a problem all across the country. and i hope the president [inaudible] can get this thing calm down because if it doesn't get come down before the democratic convention, it's going to be a very ugly time in chicago. i promise you that. no question, it's important to be cleared in every campaign where there may be challenges. as you are watching michigan tomorrow, there is this push to have people in the state fill- in uncommitted to -- as a protest vote. it's hard to measure went to be super concerned about it, whether it's a red flag in 2012, there were 20,000 people who wrote and uncommitted for obama. where is the barbed where you're going to think, oh my gosh, this is a huge problem?
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already, no matter what happens, i know it's a huge problem. and the uncommitted will do fairly well. and trump got 60% in south carolina republican primary. we had idiots in the pressing he ran away with it. well jean mccarthy got 40% in new hampshire and that got lyndon johnson out of the race. so uncommitted gets 40%, that's going to be not particularly positive sign. but we already know. you and i know that this is a problem in the party. yeah. and i think the president knows that really knows that, he's being told that. and they're gonna have to tell bibi netanyahu, hey, dude, we are not going to lose our election because you stand to go to jail. you have to think of something else. the negligence that this man -- it's breathtaking. and while we're over there begging him, we should be pressure on every way we can to de-escalate this thing, and
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quickly. i think the challenge as bibi in that yahoo does not care and probably doesn't want joe biden to be reelected. so that's a challenge. but it's important to be clear eyed that this is generationally -- it's not just arab americans, it's young people. people have young strong feelings about what is happening over in israel and gaza. let me ask, because you just mentioned it, two and we will talk to alyssa's liken and a little bit about this to, but trump is running through -- you just mentioned this, what happened in south carolina, when you look at that data, the 40% that haley won, some of those people are going to be biden voters. what did you take away from that data? is a big problem for trump, a medium problem? protest votes? okay, it's a close primary. it can be that many -- you have to be a republican vote in the south carolina -- i promise you, it's not a lot of pro biden in south carolina republicans. but the results of new hampshire -- haley and desantis got caught in between him. in the iowa caucuses which is the most rarefied republican
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added you can have, trump only got 51. they are serious doubts about donald trump with more than just a tiny part of the republican party. and again, i keep coming back to it on the -- i'm a broken record, but i will be. we have an advantage, we have a political advantage, and we have a financial advantage. if we seize it. right now. and just put these people away. and we can do it. we can do it. abortion stuff, the birth control stuff, the book burning. people hate that we have to remind them who is on what side. i never knew a democrat that ever wanted to burn a book in my life. no, no. and you know what? most republicans don't want to do with ivf either. the majority of people don't. james carville, i have more questions for you. stick in your comfy chair there, you look comfortable. we are gonna sneak in a very, very 62nd break, but we will be right back. right back. all parts working in sync to move your business forward.
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okay, we're back with democratic strategist james carville who never hold back. i love that. let's talk about money because you need money to run a campaign. but i have to start with -- trump's -- former -- that guy, four times indicted guy, is trying to install his daughter- in-law as the co-chair of the rnc. i'm not suggesting this is a winning campaign message but i just need you to put into perspective for everybody how crazy that is. suppose that biden appointed his granddaughter to be the head of the dnc and instructed her to funnel all the money to fund biden's defense. these people want to be so upfront. that's the long and short of it. the people who give trump money or the rnc money are begging to -- and trump is going to accommodate them. they're very blunt and very upfront about what they do. so if people want to give trump money then go ahead and give it to him but i know that -- a
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friend of mine from my days in washington who thinks that trump is siphoning up all the money from the congressional candidates and senate candidates, the majority candidates, and their rights. yes. please put lower trump over that. please feel every dollar you can get. every one of these republicans, in michigan, and arizona, in every part of the country, they fight with each other -- we have the advantage, jen. press, press, press, press. now. that's my motto. we have a political advantage. there's literally no one running the michigan republican party right now, we must, not because it's so messed up. and he is giving away the money. now, i mentioned this earlier on cnbc reported today that there's a 63% drop from small donors. as you and i both, know that's pretty much how candidates raise money right now. but trump -- that's a pretty big drop. is that -- what's your level of concern -- not concern, for
5:17 pm
them, but how concerned should they be about that drop? so it means -- small donors often [inaudible] isn't that right? losing consistently 40% of the voters. he is weak. he is weak. and we have to not have this sedated view and we have to take advantage of his weakness. we have to make him weaker. what it means, i'm not entirely certain, but it doesn't mean anything good. what does it mean when your opponents are getting 40% in the primary, when the former president? it doesn't mean anything good. i can promise you. what other people [inaudible] it's not good. he is in the world of political heard, not to mention the legal heard. but i think he spent too much time trying for illegal things and not enough driving home where we are. no, lots of things to talk about. so leslie about immigration, this is one of the issues that
5:18 pm
pops in a lot of polls. there was obviously a deal that fell apart. the republicans are to blame for it, that's a really hard thing in my view to translate and explain to the people. and you see in polls, both parties are equally to blame. so the president is going to the border this week, there's reports about executive actions and executive orders. what do you think, in terms of immigration, they should be doing? is this an issue that concerns you in terms of an issue that could be problematic for the president in november? first of, all they negotiated a bill. and he's a very conservative guy, he's a real -- he's a baptist minister. and a lot of the senators were on board and trump told mike johnson that, i don't know what he is and the gilded. so, a, we have a good answer. my wife and i went out in el paso not very long ago, a few
5:19 pm
days ago, and we've been working night and day for people trying to get involved in try to accommodate and -- i think the president goes but before, we didn't have a very good answer. now we have an excellent answer. we try to put something on the table to negotiate, we had the on board enforcement. and you let trump run over mike johnson and we hear, all we have to do to bring this back and we have many things -- many people on board that roll their sleeves up and go to work, and make this thing work on both sides. i believe that. lots of straight talk, lots of hope for some people. thank you for that. never chicago coating, gyms, kabul thanks -- we're winning, girl. we are winning! better us than them, that's what i took away from the conversation. coming up, he's not the first
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prosecutor to do it but manhattan district attorney alvin bragg is trying to do it, to be proactive. he is now seeking a limited gag order to barr donald trump from speaking about witnesses and court staff ahead of his criminal trial next month. if i had to, guess i would say, and i, know some people have a few thoughts about this. the former u.s. attorney for the southern district of new york joins me after very quick break. we will be back. ui qck break. we will be back. sometimes your work shirt needs to be for more than just work. like when it needs to be a big soft shoulder to cry on. which is why downy does more to make clothes softer, fresher, and better. downy. breathe life into your laundry. i was stuck. unresolved depression symptoms were in my way. i needed more from my antidepressant. vraylar helped give it a lift. adding vraylar to an antidepressant is clinically proven to help relieve overall depression symptoms better than an antidepressant alone. and in vraylar clinical studies, most saw no substantial impact on weight.
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donald trump's criminal trial is set to begin and exactly one month. and today, manhattan district attorney alvin bragg took the all too familiar step unfortunately at this point in our lives of asking a judge to implement a gag order against trump. as a reminder, trump faces 34 counts of falsifying business records in an effort to influence the outcome of the 2016 election. and that of course includes the payoff intended to silence adult film star, stormy daniels. now in the filing, d a bragg explains that trump, quote, has a long-standing and perhaps singular history of using social media, speeches, rallies, and other public statements to attack individuals that he considers to be adversaries, including courts, judges, various law enforcement officials, and other public officials. and even individual jurors and other matters. he goes on to note that, quote, when trump has publicly
5:26 pm
attacked individuals, they are consequently threatened and harassed. of course, trump has already broadcast personal attacks against the district attorney and prospective witnesses in this case. and bragg reveals that those statements resulted in incredible threats of violence, harassment, and intimidation. including death threats against the d.a. and terroristic mailings. so with the -- broad moans trump to be barred from attacking witnesses,, council quote, stop the district attorney saf, family members of staff, and jurors. and for good reason. because if history is a guide, that exactly is what trump would do. preet farrow as the former united states attorney for the southern district of new york and he joins me now. so preet, you are very familiar with all the laws in new york. so let me ask you, you went through the gag order and you took a look at it, what's stuck out to you when you read through it? so, what struck me is what you made reference to in the
5:27 pm
intro, so many times on the show and other programs, the other commentary, and the analysis with things relating to donald trump as legal trials and tribulations, we see things like, this is unprecedented, this is a case of first impression, we've never seen this before. but now they're so many cases pending in donald trump, both civil and criminal in multiple jurisdictions across the country, that certain things are coming up. and they're not unprecedented anymore. as you pointed out, this is not the first time that a government entity, prosecutor, or civilian force or has sought to impose a narrow gag order on trump. and there is -- alvin bragg and his team are basically conforming to what has been done before. in a civil case when, in the criminal case, the one that's pan melt in january 6th and, do you see, there's a gag order that is ours are tracking and he's relying on the fact that not only candid district short, the trial court in d.c. uphold the idea of a narrow gag order, but that was affirmed by the d.c. circuit court of appeals
5:28 pm
which is essentially the second highest courts in the land. what's interesting is we are causing presidents to be made that other prosecutors and other civil enforcers can rely upon because donald trump isn't so much trouble in so many tom es in this country. and hey i'm self is attacking people in the legal system. so let me ask, you because i'm trying to cover these cases effectively, he was indicted in april of last year, we are about a month from this trial, what do you make of the timing of this gag order request? is it the right timing, too early, too slow? better late than never. one can make the argument that maybe the d.a.'s office waited a little too long. nothing concentrates the mind like a deadline when you finally have a trial date. as you said, jury selection is set to begin in just one month. but the january 6th trial case, it's pending in d.c., it was filed after this manhattan d.a. case. they saw a narrow gag order
5:29 pm
sometime ago. so, donald trump is being asked through the court by this motion to not attack witnesses, but he's had a field day attacking a number of witnesses including someone who is going to be a chief and key witness in the baton d.a.s case in his former lawyer michael cohen. so you, no one can make the argument that it took a little bit too long for this. the other thing that stuck out to me, i'm not a lawyer, is that obviously d.a. bragg has received a great -- a huge number of threats himself. in the exhibits, one doesn't name names, it seems clear who they're talking about. he's not included in this. trump could still, if i read this correctly, trump could still attack him, correct? yes, and it seems odd, right? why be allowed to attack the head of some office or the judge and one of the other cases, but not the core personnel or not the junior people, or the trial team. and i think the principle is a little bit -- trump has some first amendment rights.
5:30 pm
he's allowed to defend himself to some extent in the court of public opinion, and if you were merrick garland, or your alvin bragg, or your the judge in the case he's been appointed to in the federal system by a president, then you have to have a thick skin, and you have to suck it, up and you have to be able to take it. but we alvin bragg is trying to be protective of, and the other judges centrist issues or try to be protective of the courtroom stop. and one way in which the manhattan d.a.'s case goes further is they're trying to protect the jurors in the case. i want to ask you about that because the new york, which are very familiar with, of course, the laws there, the defendant is typically entitled to information about prospective and sworn jurors, which is different from federal cases. but in this filing, the practice as to limit trump's access to that information. not completely, but limited more than it would normally be which seems perfectly reasonable. is this -- is the president for this, what do you think in the likelihood of this being
5:31 pm
granted, i guess. it's hard to predict as a judge but i'm asking you. it's unusual, but we have a case for the judge to the jurors in the case against a trump, although it's your right to talk to the press after the case is over, my suggestion to you is that you never tell anybody ever that you served on this jury. because, as a alvin bragg points out and other people pointed, out in motions into the court and elsewhere, donald trump has a history and tradition the in a phrase from the supreme court in a different context, he has a history and tradition of causing attacks on people who sit in judgment of him, or who tried to criticize him in any way. and remember, our system relies on there being ordinary citizens, peers of the accused, to sit on juries in order for justice to be done, justice to be administered fairly and properly. and justly. the more you allow someone, a
5:32 pm
defendant, no matter who are here she is, including the former president of the united states, to cause a wave of attack and violent -- suggestions of violence or otherwise against members of the jury, or the court staff, or anyone else who is involved in the system, the more you undermine the rule of law. so it's unusual for, it's in frequent, but there is some track record here of donald trump attacking members, not only of the court staff, but also jurors. so i think is a good argument that is warranted. quite a track record. let me ask you something that's been a little bit of a pet focus of mine. it's not just legal, it's messaging to. because it's often shorthanded, which i purposely didn't do in my intro, as the hush money case. because it's from does payoffs to a former porn star, which is edgier. but it's also from two -- 2016 election. how should we be viewing this case, and if you are indeed bragg's office or others working with, them do you wanted to be discussed in a
5:33 pm
more serious manner rather than a hush money case? i think you do, there are multiple audiences here. there's a general public, which is largely probably made up its mind if you're pro trump, you're against these charges. if you're anti trump, you are in favor of these charges. but a jury, you see again, and again, and again has to be able to believe that the government has proven its case beyond reasonable doubt with respect of the elements of the crime. and why he did it or the reasons, or the motive, or the significance of it. it's not really required as a legal matter to be proven. it's certainly not beyond reasonable doubt. but jurors are human beings and they understand how the world works, and they want to understand why people did what they did. and they want to believe, generally speaking, particularly when you have a high stakes defendant like this, someone who's famous and who was formerly powerful, that's a serious matter. and it's probably -- if in the court you don't overplayed, you don't overdo, it you know one to take a small case and make it something because of the
5:34 pm
century because it is not the most serious of the four criminal cases pending against him in the country right now. but i think you want to make it clear but this is not a small thing, it's not just about hush money payments, but the purpose and the motive behind the actions taken by donald trump that are under scrutiny in this trial we're about winning the 2016 elections, and subverting the vote. so i think it's -- if done properly and proportionally, it's probably smart. pre bharara, thank you so much for joining us. your body taught a class today, so i appreciate you making the time. and coming, up the star witness of the impeachment is back in court. as the signs of the interference in the russian elections are flashing bright red. and first, we will talk about -- congresswoman elissa slotkin when we come back. -- congresswoman elissa slotkin when we come back. now earns . (♪♪) that's how you business differently. intuit quickbooks. my name is marie.
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(other money manager) but you still sell commission -based products, right? (fisher investments) no. we have a simple management fee structured so we do better when our clients do better. (other money manager) huh, we're more different than i thought! (fisher investments) at fisher investments, we're clearly different. we are following but could be a major development in the israel-hamas war. president biden said tonight that he hopes to see a cease- fire by next week. saying a deal, is, quote, close but not done yet. we will watch that closely. but as we've been discussing, there's been a split among democrats over the presidents policy towards israel's war in gaza. and tomorrow is the first electoral test of how big the split. is biden's main rival in michigan is set to vote
5:40 pm
uncommitted. tomorrow, the mayor -- a protest vote for uncommitted saying, quote, my greatest fear is that mr. biden will not be remembered as the president who saved american democracy in 2020 but rather as the president who sacrificed for benjamin netanyahu in 2024. now at the same time, the states very popular democratic governor gretchen whitmer is urging voters to stick with the president. as a state that is fortunate to have a robust jewish population and arab, and palestinian, and muslim populations, this has been a very hard time for a lot of people in our state. and i think that it's been really important to have those conversations and to stay engaged, and the president believes that as well. i'm encouraging people to cast enough formative vote for president biden because a second trump term would carry huge consequences -- joining me now is democratic congressman elissa slotkin who knows very well from her background how hard
5:41 pm
and complex these issues are, but she also knows michigan politics well. she is also candidate for u.s. senate. i want to start, congresswoman, i'm so grateful that you joined me tonight. i want to start by reading a quote from the new york times profile of governor whitmer. it's from a durban voter who said, quote, i told gretchen when she was here, if you want to come as gretchen whitmer and talk to us anytime, you're welcome, but now if you're going to come into a lobby for biden, we will have to shut the door. we are not going to be able to even talk about that. i'm asking you this because i think it's important for people to be aware what voters are thinking and saying and your running for senate, you've been in the state, is this something that you've also been experiencing? i don't think you can overstate just how emotional and upset people are big. by arab americans, muslim americans, jewish americans, we live together, we go to school together, we work together. so it's very personal here in michigan. so i've definitely experienced that level of emotion constantly, i would stay.
5:42 pm
constantly. so, look, the most that we can do is just keep the lines of communication open and say, look, we may not have agreement on every single thing, but we are all michiganders and we want to keep that bridge there. and i think you're just seeing that play out in our politics. but the emotion is deeply real. deeply emotional, and we are certainly seeing that as you said. when you're talking to voters, and you're talking to people out there in michigan, what are you telling them about -- we just played governor whitmer, what are you telling them to vote uncommitted rather than vote for president biden? look, they have the right to express themselves and we will see what is going to happen tomorrow. i don't really have a strong sense of numbers or how that's going to work tomorrow exactly. but for me, i'm focused on making sure that donald trump is not made next president of the united states.
5:43 pm
tomorrow's the primary, that the primary conversation happen. but, man, i don't know what our democracy looks like if trump is elected for a second term. and that to me has to be the ultimate thing that we are working towards. tomorrow is one step in that conversation but to me it's about november. does that mean that you think that people should vote for president biden over on committed tomorrow? i'm voting for president biden. i think that's, again, the november competition that i'm talking about. there couldn't be a bigger difference between joe biden and donald trump. but, again, i respect people's right to express themselves. people have told me why they are voting that way. and so you don't -- you can't deny peoples emotions about this issue. but again, i'm the prize and that is november. so i support joe biden because donald trump should not be a president again. it's not that far away, november. let me ask you about russia. you know so much, you've talked
5:44 pm
about this, you talked about the threats that we very much have to take seriously, we'll be talking about this later in the show. but as we're watching, it it seems clear they're attempting to intervene in our election again. not a, suppressive done this to before. we've learned last week that the key witness to the republican impeachment effort says that he was funneling in russian -- fell for, this winning or on winning, we don't know. how concerned are you that they are susceptible to manipulation by a foreign power? you, know i never thought i'd be having this conversation, but i do think that the willingness of some of my peers to believe russian propaganda, either about the war between russia and ukraine, or about what is going on here in the united states, and we know russia has a long-standing strategy of trying to split americans apart, divide us, so we're not focused on them. i mean, it's a long-standing cold war policy. and i fear that a lot of my
5:45 pm
peers are really vulnerable to it. and it reinforces their kind of isolationist feelings right. now that we should be engaged abroad, we shouldn't be pushing back on putin. and they drink it in. so it's deeply disturbing. and i think you are seeing the results in that we cannot get an up or down vote on ukraine assistance in the u.s. congress. we have not been able -- even though we pass, right, now with flying colors, it will not be brought to the floor. and i think people have lost their way. ronald reagan must be rolling over in his grave watching this republican party. his through strength was his whole thing. and it's just very, very sad to see that people are willing to believe anything as long as it reinforces their view. and it's just very, very scary. john mccain too, it's amazing, you've seen the evolution of the republican party, you've lived through it as a national security official. it's shocking, some point to talk about.
5:46 pm
i know you have lots of strong feelings and emotions on abortion as i do. but we're gonna to talk back and talk about, and unfortunately we're gonna be talking about that for months as well. congressman elissa slotkin, thank you for taking the time to talk to me tonight. coming, up here's that headline from a busy news. russia's 2024 election interference has already begun. of course it has! republicans don't seem to care. and their star witness was being fed information by russian spies was back in court today. we are back after a quick break. today. we are back after a quick break. rinvoq delivered rapid symptom relief and helped leave bathroom urgency behind. check. when uc tried to slow me down... i got lasting, steroid-free remission with rinvoq. check. and when uc caused damage rinvoq came through by visibly repairing my colon lining. check. rapid symptom relief... lasting steroid-free remission... ...and the chance to visibly repair the colon lining. check, check, and check. rinvoq can lower your ability to fight infections, including tb. serious infections and blood clots, some fatal; cancers, including lymphoma and skin cancer;
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this election is about who shares your values. let me share mine. i'm the only candidate with a record of taking on maga republicans, and winning. when they overturned roe, i secured abortion rights in our state constitution. when trump attacked our lgbtq and asian neighbors, i strengthened our hate crime laws. i fought for all of us struggling to keep up with the rising cost of living. i'm evan low, and i approve this message for all of our shared values. what do i see in peter dixon? i see my husband... the father of our girls. i see a public servant. a man who served under secretary clinton
5:50 pm
in the state department... where he took on the epidemic of violence against women in the congo. i see a fighter, a tenacious problem-solver... who will go to congress and protect abortion rights and our democracy. because he sees a better future for all of us. i'm peter dixon and i today and los angeles, a federal judge ordered aleksander smirnoff, the indicted former fbi informant who was once the gop star impeachment witness, what a sentence, to be jailed pending trial on the concerns that he might flee the country. smirnoff was arrested earlier this month on charges that he repeatedly had false claims to his fbi handlers, including about president joe biden and his son, hunter.
5:51 pm
some of those lies, smirnoff him self admitted were funneled straight from the kremlin. of course they were. and prosecutors now warned that smirnoff was actively peddling new lies that could impact u.s. elections after meeting with russian intelligence officials in november. so, if you were james comer, jim jordan, chuck grassley, are there many other republicans who pushed smirnoff's claims, this all incredibly embarrassing, considering that you've likely been pushing russian disinformation for months. but what is more embarrassing, and frankly more frightening, is that they were warned. republicans went all in on smirnoff's claims despite the fact that they were told repeatedly by the fbi that the information smirnoff was providing was completely uncorroborated. they were warned. and they still went on national television to say things like this -- house oversight terman james comer says he and his colleagues plan to drop a bombshell. it's gonna be judgment day tomorrow for the white house.
5:52 pm
yet the confidential fbi informant who's basically saying that joe biden took $5 million from burisma. the informant was a highly valued human source for the fbi. a trusted highly credible informant -- a trusted confidential informant -- they had a credible source, one of their good sources -- this is a very crucial piece of our investigation -- with so, knowing what we know now about alexander smirnoff, there is the obvious question, where the republicans just the idiots we got duped? where they careless with information? or that they willingly pushed false russian propaganda because it would hurt a political rival and benefit themselves? it's one of those things. either way, it's pretty clear the republicans are being used to launder disinformation from a foreign adversary. as i was just discussing with congresswoman slotkin, and that's a big deal. because russia's efforts to interfere in the next election have already begun.
5:53 pm
nbc news reporting just out today, the russians are using fake online accounts and bots to damage president joe biden and his fellow democrats. the reporting reveals that it's part of a continuing effort by moscow to undercut american military aid to ukraine and u.s. support for, and solidarity with nato. i mean, think about that for a second. damaging president biden, undercutting support for ukraine and solidarity with nato. what that reporting makes crystal clear is that republican goals and russian goals are more aligned than ever. but the aleksander smirnoff is what makes clear is that repercussions are very easy targets, and that is a very dangerous combination. clearly vladimir putin won't have to try nearly as hard this time around, and he has much more to gain. as one expert put it, quote, not that they didn't have an incentive to interfere in the last two presidential elections, but i would say that the incentive to interfere is heightened right now.
5:54 pm
look, i was in the white house in 2016 when we were warned that the russians were intent on interfering in an election, but what we underestimated, and by we i mean some people in the national security team at the time, was the impact of disinformation through a range of channels. social media, those who repeated. efforts that we now know influence the outcome. they have every intention of doing exactly that again! this time, with a much bigger potential assist from the republican party. i have one more thing to share with you before i hand things over to rachel maddow. it has to do with the young woman standing up and speaking out about donald trump. i spoke with one of them yesterday and i've been thinking about one of the things she told me. i will show you that after a quick break. ll show you that aa quick break. when when : ♪ saf safelite replace. ♪ want luxury hair repair that doesn't cost $50? pantene's pro-vitamin formula repairs hair. as well as the leading luxury bonding treatment.
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"overflowing with ideas and energy." that's the san francisco chronicle endorsing democrat katie porter for senate over all other options. porter is "easily the most impressive candidate." "known for her grilling of corporate executives." with "deep policy knowledge." katie porter's housing plan has "bipartisan-friendly ideas to bring homebuilding costs down." and the chronicle praises "her ideas to end soft corruption in politics." let's shake up the senate. with democrat katie porter. i'm katie porter and i approve this message. letitia james, fani willis, e. jean carroll, reported caplan, right now, there are all an awful lot of women rising to hold on the trump accountable.
5:59 pm
i spoke with one of them yesterday, sarah matthews was deputy white house press secretary during the trump administration. she resigned in the aftermath of the january 6th insurrection. and then like her friend, cassidy hutchison, testified before the house january six committee. here's part of the conversation that stuck with me. i think speaking out against a former u.s. president can be a very isolating and scary feeling, but it definitely gives me a lot of strength to know that i have these women by my side to get through this together. and i'm hopeful that more republicans will come -- anyone on your mind? i don't know, i think obviously we look around and it's mainly the women and especially young women who are speaking out. so i would just encourage maybe the men who are twice mage who held way higher positions of power than me, who also know that donald trump is unfit to serve to speak out, and i know we have some time before election day. but i'm hoping that as we get closer and they see the threat that donald trump's, and the very rare chance that he could
6:00 pm
be president again, that they will come forward. mainly the woman. she's not even 30 years old. but she didn't name names, the former members of the trump administration who haven't spoken out nearly enough about the danger he poses, but there are few people who we could certainly hear more from in this moment. some understand the trump threat, but they will still vote for him. i'm looking at you bill barr. some have sporadically spoken out, but we could still stand to hear more, from john kelly, i'm looking at you. and some likely saw a lot and have been fairly quiet, like, say, hr mcmaster. mike pence, i know you kind of sort of spoke up during the campaign, but he sent a mob to hang you, maybe we can hear a little bit more about that, how it all went down, but you saw. the burden of speaking that does it for me tonight. the rachel maddow show starts right now. hi, rachel. >> hey, jen. that was awesome. thank you very much, my friend. good to see you. and thanks to you


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